How to start a blog in India

How to start a blog in India

Do you want to know how to start a blog in India? Then you are at the right place.

I spent plenty of time looking for helpful information on the web. I was just able to locate it piece by piece on an assortment of websites. To save your time, I have created this free step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to create a blog quickly and easily. It is not as complicated as a lot of people think!

Thus, if you’ve been planning to start a blog, then this is the ideal time to do so.

If you’re a complete beginner and have no clue what blogging is all about?

And how can you get started with that?

Then you are going to love this post. In this guide, I will help you through every step in the procedure you will need to take to start a new blog.  It has everything you will need to know to start.

Steps to start a successful blog

Step 1: Select an Ideal Market for your Site.
Step 2: Pick a blogging platform.
Step 3: Select a domain name.
Step 4: Set up a hosting account.
Step 5: Starting a blog on WordPress.
Step 6: Select a theme and Layout your blog.
Step 7: Write content and promote your Site.
Step 8: Make money by blogging.

But before we proceed further I have some questions that you have to answer yourself before moving forward.

Is blogging suitable for you?

Blogging could indicate a medium to express your thoughts.  If your only aim is to earn money, but you hate writing, then perhaps blogging isn’t the perfect job for you. Then it would probably be better to spend some time pursuing something else you genuinely like.

Here are a few traits that I think every blogger should have (read it carefully-

Some acceptable Interest in Writing you do not need to be another Stephen King, but if you do not have even a small amount of interest in writing, then the case is already closed; find something else you want to do instead.

You should be eager to contact people, even if you’re an introvert.  I am aware of being an introvert; it is tough to get along with people, but if you’ve got the will, you may always try, and one day you’ll master it. Discipline; if you are planning full-time blogging, then acquiring a lot of time to yourself might be distracting; you need to set goals and reach them punctually.  If you do not learn to discipline yourself afterward, days, even months will pass, and you won’t have the first word written on the notepad on your computer.

Once you put something out there to be judged, trust me, you’ll find all sort of conclusions, few would be cheerful, encouraging but some are going to be crap or even spiteful.  In such time, you ought to understand how to fight those trolls.  The best way I can suggest is, ignore them and concentrate on your actual work. A genuine Interest To Assist; blogging is no different from any small business.

Whatever content you produce, take that as a solution along with your audience as your client.  But if your product is not helping your clients in any way to address some problem in their lifetime, then they certainly won’t buy it (in your case, it would be reading your articles, engaging with your items). Alright, so if you think you are blogger stuff, go ahead and ask yourself the questions:

Why you want to start a blog?

Answering this question can allow you to establish clear goals for your site. Do you wish to convey something, like a message or an idea?

Do you need to create a community around your love for a cause?

Do you wish to keep your followers and fans updated on the latest information with your brand?

Do you need to describe how your product or service functions and why people should buy it?

A blog can help inform, educate, promote, and even promote, but only if you’re clear about your blogging intention from the beginning. So, take some time to work out your central message and the point of your blog. To become self-explanatory or make more money.  To set up experience and build an audience.  To make a network with other people and build a business or to improve writing and thinking skills.

Select a niche[topic] for your blog

Your blog’s niche is the specific market (topic) you’ll be targeting.  Choose a topic you’re passionate about.  Additionally, ensure that your market has sufficient interest and that people search for issues related to your market.

Select a name for your site

When it comes to naming your site, you have hundreds of choices.  You may use your name, last name, or any combination of both. You can also choose a name which suits your niche. It is advisable to choose a small and brandable name.

I advice you to spend some time to research and answering these questions because these are very important points for establishing a successful blog. So now I will explain above questions in a much broader way so you can answer these questions easily.

Step 1- Selecting a niche (topic) for your blog

Do you want to start a blog for enjoy or you want to earn money from it. Firstly you have to decide this after that you can proceed to choose a niche.

If you want to start a blog just for fun then you can go with any topic you want or where your interest. But if you have any monetary hopes from your blog then choosing a niche is a more complex process.

Don’t worry I am here to help you in choosing a niche for you.

How to select your niche

So if you want to make money from your blog then you have to see the above diagram and choose your niche wisely. Because the success of your blogging journey purely depends on your niche.

First condition- If you choose a niche in which you have no passion or interest hence you have no proper knowledge on that niche. Then you can’t write on that niche or after some days you feel it boring to manage that blog hence you will fail in your blogging journey. So the lesson is you must have somewhat passion for your niche.

Second condition-  Sometimes your talent and passions will be the same but in most of the cases, you would’ve developed talent in something else as you grew up. For example, my passion is in developing apps but I have no talent for it as I’ve never had the chance to practice it. 


The market will not pay for your passion. The market will only pay for your talent. To find out the right answer, you should ask your family, friends, and co-workers on what you are good at. So you also need to some talent in your niche to become successful.

Third condition- You have to find that your niche has a market or not.

Niches are broadly categorized into Health, Wealth, Relationships and Arts. 

Within Wealth you will have Career, Business and Investing.
Within Arts you will have Entertainment and Hobbies.
Health and Relationships will have several categories beneath it.
But Health, Wealth, Relationships and Arts are the major ones.

So now you can understand how important it is to choose a perfect niche. Because if you choose a wrong niche then it end up by wasting a lot of time with no results. So I advice you to spend some time and choose a perfect niche for your blog.

Now you can see that niche must be consist of three things-

1. Your passion

2. Your talent

3. Market research

Tell me in comments if this information helps you in finding your niche and if you have any query feel free to ask in comments.

Step 2- Choose a platform to create your blog

There are various platforms available now a days to start a blog.

The major platforms in the market are given below-

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Wix
  4. Medium
  5. Tumblr
  6. Ghost
These are some of the popular platforms available in the market to start a blog. Above platforms are very easy to use. You can easily set up a blog in a few hours.
From the above platforms I recommend is wordpress. As wordpress has a lot of flexibility and very easy to use. So in step 5 I will teach you step by step how you can set up a blog in wordpress.
If you want to start your blog without any investment then you can also go with wix or blogger as they are easy and completely free.

Step 3- Select a domain name

I hope till now you have cleared your niche in your mind and you also decide the platform on which you want to start your blog. So now you have to choose a domain for your blog. Domain is basically the address of your blog. Like as you can see in your browser that my blog name is “bloggingninja”. Like this you have to choose a one for you.

You can choose a name that relates to your niche or market. You can also choose an easy and brandable name like google, flipkart, etc. But try to choose a easy one with a clear pronounciation.

You can also get some suggestions for your domain name with this amazing tool.

Which TLD is best for your domain?

TLD is the extension of the domain. Like the popular ones are com, in, org, net and many more. .com is best known and worldwide acceptable. Always go with .com if it is available for you. If you want to target your audience in India then you can also go with .in.

If you are a organization then you can go with .org.

I hope you can understand what is TLD in domain so choose it wisely according to your domain.

So after choosing a domain name the next step is to register it before anyone else register it. If you finalize your domain then book it immediately so other people can’t take it. Now I will you step by step how you can register your domain on Godaddy.

How to register your domain on Godaddy?

Step 1. Firstly, Go on

Step 2. Now enter your desired domain name

How to register your domain

Step 3. After entering the name it will show whether your domain is available or not. It will show different TLDs available. Select your preferred domain and click on “add to cart.”

How to register your domain on godaddy

Step 4. Now click on “continue to cart” and then it will ask for some additional services like privacy protection and some other add-ons. I recommend to take basic privacy protection to avoid spam calls. After that just click on checkout.

How to start your blog in 30 minutes

Step 5. After creating your account redirected to billing information page. Here it will ask phone number, address and other. I recommend to fill the right information.

Step 6. Now you are redirected to payment page, choose your payment method and make the payment.

Now your domain is registered and you are ready to create your online presence.

Step 4- Set up your hosting

After registering the domain the next step is to set up a hosting account. Hosting provides you some space on the server where you will save your blog files. It is very easy to set up a hosting account.

I am here to guide you step by step so don’t worry.

The first thing is we have to choose the best hosting solution for site. There are many hosting companies available in the market. Good hosting also increase the loading speed of your site. As you are a beginner so I recommend not to spend too much on hosting. Later when you grow you can upgrade to better hosting.

If your blog loading speed is good then it also boost your rankings on search engines. Our aim is to keep the loading time under 3 seconds. I recommend hostingspell or hostinger for beginners to start their blog.

You can also check how to buy hosting from hostingspell.

If you have a good budget the you can also go for bluehost and Greengeeks.

Step 5- Set up a blog on wordpress

So now we have our domain and hosting ready. So the question is how to set up a blog on wordpress? Now I assume that you set up your hosting account if you face any difficulty in that you can ask me in the telegram group. Now I will guide you step by step how to set up your blog in wordpress.

Step 1. Firstly you have to connect your domain to your hosting

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